My experience with Gregory is sometimes hard to describe, but very real. After my first session with him I felt an incredible lightness, and experienced an immediate improvement in my mood and sleep patterns. I also experienced a deeper closeness to my husband, family and a better outlook on my life. These changes were not temporary they last! My husband, whom was initially reluctant to have a session, was profoundly effected by his work. I have sent many friends to him and they have all come back to me with incredible stories and experiences!

A session with Gregory is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and well worth trying. Gregory has changed my husbands and my life! An open mind and an open heart is all it takes!

Nicole. San Francisco, California

Gregory has an amazing healing gift which I would describe as “an injection of hope”. Gregory has made a major impact on my well being and the well being of my family. He has become a trusted source of guidance and a friend!

Amy Smith. Marin County, California

Gregory’s sessions have changed my life! His intuition allowed me to realize the causes of the challenges I face, but more importantly, his guidance paved the way to address those challenges. I feel that Gregory has given me the clarity to appreciate and to enjoy the things my life has to offer. I am fortunate to have met him and to have him in my life!

Sloan Smith. Marin County, California

StephanieGregory's treatments are a mash-up of centuries old mystical wisdom combined with accurate and intuitive insights.

My intention and choice is to live an extraordinary life and conversations with Gregory keep me in-tune with my practical self and my higher self. Gregory is a wise man, a healer, and an extraordinary coach.


GislellaGregory always demonstrates a true desire to understand the issues at hand and provide insight and clarity. Gregory’s perception, intuitive sense and discussion around my questions allow me the confidence to make hard decisions and life changes.

It’s great having him as a resource. He always brings very positive insights to what can seem like life’s perplexing questions. I have referred him to a few friends who also regularly rely on him for sage advice


Gregory's gifts are exceptional. He is such a multi-dimensional healer. His psychic, energetic and ability to see and shift energy is profound. On top of it all, he is a truly kind and caring individual. He has helped me tremendously in being aware of pure truth, shifting energy, protecting and coming back to myself. His work is truly significant and extraordinarily meaningful. I am so grateful for him and honored and privileged to know him.

Confidential Client

DaraAmazing! ...I do not even pretend to understand how this works, however, after having a session with Gregory I received
a job promotion. The very reason I contacted him!


I would highly recommend Gregory to anyone who is searching for a spiritual guide. He has been a godsend in my life. He is better than a therapist because he can get to the heart of any problem almost immediately. The knowledge and intuition he possesses is mind blowing. I love that he can help me with both work issues as well as personal concerns. And most importantly for me, I trust him - he always makes me feel safe to share whatever is on my mind. After meeting Gregory or speaking to him on the phone, I immediately feel a sense of relief and calm come over me.


LeilaI had been battling with my weight and health for years. After working with Gregory, I was able to lose 39 lbs and and am still losing. I feel healthier and more energetic than I have ever felt! In addition, my relationship with my husband has been transformed. Before consulting Gregory, we bickered and argued for over 20 years. Now we talk, listen and enjoy each other.


FarhadGregory has a keen ability to see through layers and layers of issues and get to the core of the problem and provide advice that has been right on. He has helped me tremendously with multitude of personal and professional issues. He has been a godsend to me and many of my friends. He has made me believe in miracles. I am honored to recommend him.


KassandraGregory has been an amazing guide in a great transition in my life. He was there when no one else was there and helped me in a time of great need. He knew things no one else could have known about me, and helped put everything in perspective. I thank him for his great intuitiveness, his friendship, listening, and for helping with any healing that was needed.


TerahI have received a deeper understanding of myself and the environment surrounding me thru the voice and practices with Gregory. He always reminds me of what somehow I deeply know about myself. He gives me a very clear prospective with his point of view. He is a source I rely on.. thank you for that.


RebeccaMy blood sugar monitor registered my blood sugar level to be 300, which is considered to be "dangerously high". I consulted with Gregory over the telephone, and he did a blood sugar adjustment for me. After one hour my blood sugar monitor registered 200. Amazing! And it was within normal within 2 hours.