Our Biological Computer

Your life is a biological program which stores all of your experienced life data into  files.  These files are stored in the mind, body and soul files of your being. These files contain all of the information accumulated in your life, since the beginning of your existence. They are then  labeled into categories such as “beliefs”, “influences”. “attitudes”, “trauma”, “failures”, “successes”, and many more, and stored within your mind, body, and soul bodies of being.

All of the data from these files, specifically  prior to your 14 birthday, make up the blue print of your life.  Your present and future is determined by these stored away files.

I am able to gain access to these files, my clients are astonished and in awe of the information I clearly see relating to there past. We work together to immediately destroy was does not belong to your greater good.  This action automatically transforms your past  back into harmony with your future goals.  Thus, reconnecting you to you, and putting your mind, body and soul, back into alignment with your “original divine purpose”.

This makes Living a Joyful experience on a daily basis!!!!